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Åldersgräns: 18 år

Born in Sweden to a family with Estonian roots & members of a percussion group, rhythms and voices have always been at the core of Aasma’s creation, shaping the new sound emerging from the Swedish music scene. She’s a self-taught music producer, spending hours and hours in the studios of Stockholm. Over the last few years she’s toured in Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Russia, had her music played on television and radio (SWE/UK), and been part of various art residencies and camps. Aasma in an ode to nature and collectivism, in a world of cyberspace overflow and individualism – to help us find the way back to our heritage to be able to save it.

ALBUM 2022 “Welcome to join us for some campfire anthems on a starry summer night by the ocean, just between those weeping willows, by the fireflies, and the creatures. Let’s forget about ourselves, let’s get close, remember what’s real, hear the whispers of the forest.”

The coming album is a playful balance between straight-up pop and sound art, live recorded strings and live recorded rain. A few different stories from a dark shimmering dreamworld, transporting the listener between oceans and forests, nostalgia, presence and dreams.

Red Bull Music Academy https://www.redbull.com/se-en/music/mira-aasma-interview

Music video in The Sims 4, collaboration between Aasma and the drag artist Jafar The Superstar https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCndDbZnp0khmI9qtndWZ7dg

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