Locus 2.0 | Nefertiti

Locus 2.0

Lördag 30 april

Datum: 30 apr
Pris: 100 kr
Insläpp: 23:00
Plats: Nefertiti
Åldersgräns: 20 år
På Scen: 23:00

We welcome you to NEF and the grand opening fiesta for our summer hideout – LOCUS 2.0. A night that coincides with Valborg, the traditional celebration of the arriving summer. A season we preferably spend outdoors as things are about to get hot. And just like the birds we move.

What better place to dance than Nefertiti. A dance floor where legends have been made and many more yet to be written. Deep underground house music until the sweat is not only dripping from the walls, but also from the ceiling. Oh Yes!


This has always been a family thing and that’s why we’d like YOU to come!

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