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Marco Flores Flamenco ”Vengo Jondo”

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Datum: 1 dec
Pris: 295 kr
Insläpp: 18:00
På Scen: 20:00
Stänger: -
Åldersgräns: 20 år

Vengo Jondo, Marco Flores kommer tillbaka till Göteborg, och tillbaka till flamencons rötter. Det var 10 år sedan nästan på dagen som Marco Flores stod på Nefertitis intima scen för första gången som soloartist. Den 1 december är han här igen.
Med showen Vengo Jondo kommer nu den prisbelönta dansaren att fylla vare hörn av klubben med rytm, sväng och flamencotradition.

Marco Flores – Flamenco dancer and choreographer. He is the recipient of the Spanish National Flamenco Award.

He considers himself a free style performer. He has a contemporary discourse which is constantly evolving. He is an eager creator with a distinctive artistic personality, qualities which have consolidated into a solid career for the last twenty years.

His refined technique and musicality stand out. He is able to connect with the most traditional flamenco origins, yet with the influence of other dance disciplines, which dignify his choreographies. His work does not follow trends nor is afraid of risk. Throughout his works he has addressed subjects such as: femininity, intergenerational issues, queer identity, and the intangible search of the artist.

After ten years coproducing shows alongside Manuel Liñán, Olga Pericet and Daniel Doña, he founded his own company in 2010. Cía. Marco Flores premiered its first show “DeFlamencas” that same year in Gran Teatro de Córdoba. This show received the Crítica Especializada del Festival de Jerez award in 2012.

Since then the company has produced more than ten shows in which many important artists have taken part: Lola Greco, Olga Pericet, Sara Cano, David Lagos and Alejandro Granados among others. As well as renowned stage directors as Francisco López and Juan Carlos Lérida.

Among his most recent awards we can mention: El Ojo Crítico de Danza 2018 (Radio Nacional de España) for ¨his personal language, full of different textures which enrich flamenco as well as his constant exploration and curiosity connecting to other dance languages¨, and The Max Award to Best Male Dance Performer 2020 for the show “Origen”.

He has worked as a choreographer for Ballet Nacional de España as well as for many other dance companies.

“In the exquisite balance of his work, in the elevations that separate one leap from another in a professional career which is dissimilar as it is coherent. Marco Flores´s facets coexist in perfect harmony. His dance is pure, captivating, elegant. So influenced in its arm movement and turns by Spanish Dance, but so rooted in its jondo attitude, compás, expression. There is Duende in every hip movement. Since there is nothing left to be uncovered today, it is nothing but pure joy to watch Marco Flores dance.” Diario de Cádiz, 2019

¨With a mentality which is both urban and imbued in deeply rooted Spanish tradition. His work oscilates between orthodoxy and eclecticism. He is conscious that the reportoire of flamenco is an ever-expanding creative channel. (…) He always brings a breath of fresh air. His work rather than new is innovative and convincing, because it is well done. La Voz de Asturias, 2019.

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