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Øresund Space Collective

Söndag 29 maj

Datum: 29 maj
Pris: 120 kr
Insläpp: 18:00
Plats: Nefertiti
Åldersgräns: 20 år
På Scen: 19:00

Fauna och Nefertiti presenterar stolt – Øresund Space Collective

The Øresund Space Collective is a super group made up of members from various Scandinavian rock groups. These include the Carpet Knights (SE), Mantric Muse (DK), Bland Bladen (SE), Gas Giant (DK), Hooffoot (SE), First band from Outer Space (SE), Siena Root (SE), My Brother the Wind (SE), Agusa (SE), The Univerzals (DK), Papir (DK), Black Moon Circle (NO) and others. In 2012, the famous Danish guitar player, Claus Bøhling from Hurdy Gurdy (DK) and Secret Oyster (DK) fame has played with us both live and in the studio (3 albums). In 2015 and 2016 he has performed once again with the band. In 2018, the band has been joined by Martin Weaver (Dark and Wicked Lady fame) on guitar. The bands leader, Dr Space, has moved to Portugal but the collective still records and tours.

The band has played numerous festivals around Europe including the Copenhagen Jazz Festival (2010), Kildemose Festival, Roadburn Festival (Holland 2010), Space Rock Oddessey (Sweden 2008), Slotsskogen goes Progressive (Sweden 2008), Space Force 1 (Finland 2009), Psychedelic Network (Germany 2009, 2013), Occultrance Festival (2011) in Belgium, Freak Valley Festival and Burg Herzberg, DE (2014), Roskilde Festival (2015), Psycho Las Vegas (USA 2016), and Reverence Festival (Portugal 2016). By 2017, the band has played over 100 concerts in 10 different countries! 2018-19 saw the band play in Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Germany, Belgium and Holland. OSC is an exciting live band and always gets the crowd moving and dancing to the improvised progressive groove music.

The band first started releasing music in 2006 on the Transubstans Label in Sweden and has over the past years released many albums on several different labels but today all the bands music is released on their own Space Rock Productions. In 2015, the band celebrated 10 years for playing live at Loppen in Christiania. The band has released 24 studio albums and 5 live records. The bands most recent studio record is called Chatoyant Breath, and was released in May 2016. . 2018 saw the release of three new albums (Chatoyant Breath, Live in Berlin, and Kybalion). In December 2018, the Kybalion release including a collaboration with Cyber Rabbit featuring unique AI software, music and art. The first in the world to use this technology for an enhanced LP/CD experience. 2020, the band released their 34th release, Experiments in the Subconsious.

Var: Nefertiti, Hvitfeldtsplatsen 6 När: 29 Maj 2022 Insläpp: 18.00

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