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What’s Good

Den hÀr konserten har redan varit

Datum: 9 mar
Pris: FrÄn 100 kr
InslÀpp: 23:00
PĂ„ Scen: 23:00
StÀnger: -
Typ: StÄende
ÅldersgrĂ€ns: 23 Ă„r

What’s Good Resident NightđŸ’«

Join us this Saturday for an evening with Gothenburg’s finest, @djbr3w and @lemain__ , at What’s Good. Their skill as DJs is well-regarded across the country, ensuring that every performance is more than just a set—it’s a musical journey. This weekend, they’re set to showcase their best selection from dancehall and afrobeats, complemented by a curated mix of club classics. Prepare for a night where the music speaks loudest, and the vibes are totaly unmatched.

Welcome to What’s Good the 9/3, where we celebrate music, life, and the talent of Gothenburgs best DJs!

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Lördag 22 juni
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