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What’s Good Tropical X-mas

Den här konserten har redan varit

Datum: 25 dec
Pris: Från 150 kr
Insläpp: 23:00
På Scen: 23:00
Stänger: -
Typ: Stående
Åldersgräns: 23 år

What’s Good Tropical X-mas party 25/12

Come out and celebrate the biggest party day of the year with us at What’s Good! We’ve lined up our favorite DJs to ensure the music and vibe are absolutely on top!

This night promises to be unforgettable, a magical kickoff to the year-end festivities. So, bring your best vibe and outfit, and join us for an epic celebration on December 25th.

Let’s make this X-mas party a truly special one

Time: 23:00-04:00 I ID: 23+ I Members Only

To apply for membership: Contact @nefertiti.se at instagram

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