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What’s Good Valentine Date Night

Den här konserten har redan varit

Datum: 17 feb
Pris: 2 för 1 kr
Insläpp: 23:00
På Scen: 23:00
Stänger: -
Typ: Stående
Åldersgräns: 23 år

Step into the romantic rhythm of African and Caribbean music this Valentine’s weekend, on Saturday, 17/2. Leave the chilly weather behind and bask in the warmth of our special Valentine’s Date night at Nefertiti. Let the enchanting beats crafted by top-tier DJs Lemain & Br3w set the tone for an evening of love and passion.

This night is dedicated to lovebirds looking for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day celebration. Embrace our exclusive 2 for 1 offer for couples, covering both entrance fees and select special deals at the bar, designed to make your date night even more magical.

Secure your tickets now for a night where love and music intertwine, offering you and your significant other an experience to remember.

❗️Please note ❗️ This event is exclusively for Nefertiti members. For more information about membership application, contact @nefertiti.se on Instagram

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